May 15, 2016



Co- Founder of A Life Of Energy

The Dubai based Pilates teacher & general beautiful soul, Caroline Leon, shares her healthy insights into a great way to start the day, whatshe can't travel without and what her favourite thing is about...

May 1, 2016




Co-Founder of Tiny Fish


We caught up with the lovely Kristina from Tiny Fish and heard all about how she juggles her morning routine with her boys, yoga and work as well as why she loves travel and feels it's such an important gift...



May 1, 2016

Want to feel FANTASTIC all day long?


Set your alarm ten minutes earlier...crawl to your yoga mat (you can keep your pyjamas on)... and do this video!


Enjoy this short & sweet Wake Up & Flow video and then take a few moments to sit in stillness with your eyes closed and...

April 17, 2016


Karla Moutran,

One of our very own Co-Founders here at The Retreat Collection


Find our what Karla has to say on travel, wanting to see the world and her favourite quote... oh and the smoothie bowl that might just make her a breakfast person after all!...

February 3, 2016

This year there is one word that keeps popping up everywhere – detox detox detox!


I believe that a healthy lifestyle really needs to be approached from all directions, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, and yoga is a great way to not only encourage the detoxification...

August 25, 2015

So it's holiday season and that healthy regime you got into for spring and to prep for the holiday is out the window right? 

I know from personal experience that keeping up that exercise routine, yoga practice or daily meditation can be a serious challenge when fr...