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Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat
Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat




Our corporate services offer a unique chance to enjoy a bespoke experience for your company and employees, whether it be with weekly yoga or meditation classes, monthly workshops or a corporate retreat. We believe that in order for people to work to the best of their ability they must look after their health and wellbeing. 


Each of our services are tailor made to your specific needs. We see to every detail from organizing the locations, providing the teachers and developing the sessions, so that every aspect of your retreat is to your specification and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!



‘I really enjoy our yoga classes at work as it’s a great de-stresser and I always feel an inch taller afterwards, especially after spending the day sitting at a desk.
Its really convenient having the yoga sessions at the office and not having to travel to a class. Natasha is an excellent teacher, she makes everything look easy and helps you to achieve the same. Natasha is very calming whilst still bringing great energy to the class’ 


Ann-Marie Williams

Senior Technologist

Dorothy Perkins, Arcadia Group




Corporate yoga classes are a wonderful addition to any office environment offering wellbeing, relaxation and fitness to your employees.


With many years experience we have seen the incredible benefits of corporate yoga classes and we are passionate about bringing health and wellbeing into the work place to promote a happy working life, as well as boosting clarity, focus and creativity.


With work often being a dominant cause of stress, it is important to encourage employees to be relaxed and calm, enabling them to have a better quality of life both in and out of the work place.


We provide 1 hour or 45 min classes within your work place in the morning, during lunch or after work. This is a great opportunity to encourage a healthier lifestyle, taking a short break to reassess and rebalance, enabling them to go back to work with a fresh mind and restored body, or to unwind after a busy working day.


Corporate yoga has proved to be a great social and healthy activity for co-workers and is a wonderful wellbeing benefit to provide to employees. They will definitely be grateful! 



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Here at The Retreat Collection we believe that each individual has something amazing and unique to offer and that when we are at our optimal in all aspects of ourselves then this can start to shine through, in life and in our work. 


Through our Corporate Yoga Retreats we offer a unique chance for businesses to not only offer an incredible insentive to employees, but also a chance for them to relax, work on self develoment and also communication with co-workers in a relaxed and fun way. Through the combination of yoga, meditation and coaching we offer an opportunity for learning new skills but also a chance to really let go and restore mind & body. 


We have a selection of carefully crafted Corporate Retreat Programmes designed by our experts to bring out the best in your employees while also giving them the treat that they truely deserve.   


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Our specially designed Corporate Wellbeing & Coaching Retreats are the ultimate in personal develoment and growth for any business. In order for a business to run at its most effective and productive level, those that work within it need to do so aswell.


Our Wellbeing and Coaching retreats are carefully created with your specific business in mind. Our team of experts will work closely with you, and with your needs in mind will build a programme that will help boost creativity, productivity, morale, and communication. Many people have found it has helped with personal motivation within their working life, which in turn creates a very enthusiatic team of people and high quality work as a result. 


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Our Corporare Workshops are a great way of offering the benefits of yoga, meditation, wellbeing and coaching in a shorter amount of time. The workshops offer a great insight into the work that we do, teaching employees useful tips on how to stay healthy and relaxed or even simply ways to stay comfortable at a desk.


These workshops are designed specifically for your company, offering an insightful and engaging workshop that will be relevant to what you do and what they will benefit from.


Workshops can run from 1 hour to a whole day and can include a range of topics.



A few examples are:


  • Yoga at your desk - a series of yoga stretches to be comfortable at work

  • Office Mindfulness - Ways to stay calm and be mindful in the work space

  • Meditation on the move - Small meditation techniques you can do anywhere

  • Presentation/ Meeting Prep - Techniques to centre and focus before a presentation

  • Creative Boost - Ways to cultivate creativity as an individual or groups



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