10 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat

Every yogi remembers their first retreat. There's something incredibly special that occurs on a retreat that stays with you long after getting back home, and that will keep drawing you back for more.

Here are 10 reasons we believe you should take the time to treat yourself on retreat!

  1. YOU time! Majority of people go on a yoga retreat on their own, so it's a great excuse to take some time for yourself without any commitments to anyone else. You can focus on your time.

2. Yoga Yoga Yoga. Yes you will get a LOT of time on your mat, so prepare for your yoga practcie to change, develop and progress a lot. With longer classes than you usually have time for at home, and a regular practice, most people have real 'Ah HA' moments in their practice on retreat. Plus theres the longer savasana time...bliss!

3. Relax! Being on retreat allows you time to truely relax. With notihing to worry about and everything taken care for you, all you have to consider is turning up to yoga on time and where to chill out in between, hammock or beach?? It's a tough one!

4. Healthy You. Even though the food is yummy (and usually there is plenty of it), yoga retreats are a great time to get healthy, and often with the yoga and environment you're in people naturally follow a healthier diet for the week away.

5. Meditation. Being away from the stress and pace of a busy life, meditation can finally feel very possible, even for those with busy bee minds. With a combination of peaceful surroundings and regular practice during the retreat you will often leave being able to practice meditation, or at least taking the first steps to do so. Then you can start to enjoy it's amazing benefits.

6. Community. Yoga retreats bring like minded people together and creates a lovely community feel. Many people meet great friends for life on retreat, I know I have!

7. Slow down. On retreat you can take off your watch and leave it off till you head home. There is nothing in your schedule (apart from yoga and meal times), and no deadlines. So let yourself really slow down. It's always amazing watching even the way people walk around on retreat get slower as the week progresses.

8. Perspective. Being away from life and all its trimmings can really help you gain a sense of perspective. Whether you have something in particular you are thinking about or contemplating, or whether it's just for a break, a retreat really does help you gain perspctive and know your priorities in life.

9. Remember Me? Yes we can all lose ourselves sometimes with life being very full for most people, and the many roles we play (at work, in family etc) Retreating can really help you connect to y yourself again. Who you are, away from everything and everyone else. You can connect to how you feel, what you stand for and who you truely are in life, so when you go home you can be you again!

10. Take it with you! Going on retreat is not just about that week away. All the benefits, the yoga, relaxing, energising, and so much more will go home with you. The ripple effect is extraordinary when you go back into your families, work and community and see how your shift will start to have a knock on effect. What a beautiful gift to share.

Enjoy retreating!


Tash x