LIFE THROUGH THE LIGHTHOUSE LENSE :: YEAR IN REVIEW Think of a lighthouse watch light, revolving 360, bringing light to the world around, with You at the centre. Let it highlight the brightest moments that have come and gone, and illuminate the darkest points. Look at what it shows you, and reflect. Think back to all of 2014, from the new year's resolutions, to all the celebrations and expectations, to the spring cleans, holidays weekends and summer getaways, from back to school/work anticipations to all the unexpected situations, from sunny days to crisp long autumn walks and the sometimes winter blues. Look at your life under the lighthouse watch, and take into consideration everything and all aspects of your life, from your career, your relationship with yourself and others, how you spent your free time, your health, your sex life, your biggest wins and triumphs to your most epic failures. Acknowledge and thank the year that you are leaving behind and take a moment to let everything that was good - and bad - shape your year ahead. REVIEWING MY 2014 If i could use one word to describe 2014 it would be: This year, I accomplished: ...And: ...And: I did not accomplish: What got in my way was: I am most proud of: I worked hardest at: I failed most epically at: And what I learned from this was: What I would have done differently this year is: The biggest lesson I learned was: My biggest challenge was: The biggest risk I took was: This year I tolerated: I sold my soul when: I kicked serious ass at: I became a different person this year in these ways: I learned this year that I am: I am very grateful this year for: And: And: If I remember one thing from this year, I want it to be: CREATING MY 2015 My theme word this year is: This year I will commit to doing more of: And less of: I would be most proud of myself if: I will commit to accomplishing: And... And... I will STOP doing: I anticipate my biggest challenge to be: I will make it easier on myself by: This year I will not tolerate: This year I will not sell my soul when: This year I will take the risk of: This year I will go: I will be: I will have a relationship that is: I will have friendships that are: I will interact with my family with more: I will have a body that is: I will have a career that is: In my work I will bring more of: And less of: This year, Iʼll never, ever: And Iʼll always, always:

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