This month is not only special for being a rather different one from the rest of the months... Yes it is the shortest one, and sometimes it even offers us an extra day every now and again, which is always a nice bonus day! but it is mostly special for giving us at least the opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon one of the most vital fuelling sources of energy: LOVE


As simple and as complex as Love can be one thing is for sure, it's worth experiencing!

I used to think love came in different ways, and types, forms and shapes, that mother love, daughter love, sister, friend, wife, or girlfriend, each one conditioned to its title... Love you if, or as long as... But l had a moment of realisation when I discovered that love isn't quiet like that... It's a universal, timeless, unconditional source of energy that at its purest form has the power to heal and help you grow in ways never before imaginable.

I also used to think that love had to be divided amongst individuals, until i realised that instead, love could be multiplied and in doing so grow and expand your ability to love and the depth of your heart.

However, there is one thing one must have and nurture all the time, and that is Self Love... Self love daily practice is a must have discipline. Let it be reflected on everything you do, on how you greet yourself in the morning, how you feed your soul, how forgiving you are to yourself, how you treat and train your body, how well you look after yourself in all dimensions... treat yourself with respect, with dignity and with loving thoughts and compliments... It is ironic how much easier and more natural it feels to love others the way we do, and how much harder it is to love oneself!

You owe it to yourself! So think about: what could I do or say to show myself how much I love me today? And let that be not just today, but everyday! Tune in and check with your body and soul and listen to what it says it needs more of or less of each day.

May your heart always be blessed with loving beats! And remember to always treat yourself with kindness and gratitude!

By Karla Moutran

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