A little note on Mother's Day

As spring begins for some of us, and flowers begin to blossom, we commemorate and celebrate the blessing of motherhood ...


Dearly- beloved, one and only, beautiful Mums:

How can we begin to thank you? Being grateful for all the love, caring and support through out our lives is simply too much of a humble word to describe such a profound sentiment. You have carried us in your womb, your arms and heart... You have been the unconditional support through thick and thin, the light in some hopeless times, and the faith that gives us strength when life tries to play hard to get... How blessed we are to have you dear Mums!!!

I only really began to comprehend how much you have loved me when I was fortunate enough to become a mum. I only then fully understood the complexity of what being a mum is like, and I continue to learn everyday about the tasks it entails... you always made it look so much easier, so natural...

Being a mum is the most rewarding life time project one could ever enrol in... Can't really say a school can teach you how to be one, so you pretty much learn as you go along...oh, and what a journey that is!!!! We multitask across pretty much all disciplines all day long... This particular job is a lifetime commitment: for the rest of our lives and even beyond... Because when a mum leaves this world, she still makes herself feel very present in our lives... Just because she is out of sight doesn't mean she is out of mind... Her traces and embraces can still be felt because her warmth and tenderness never leaves us... We become extensions of our mums, and forever they live in us as we live in them...We become an extension of their beautiful soul, kindness, wisdom, inner beauty, compassion, strength... an extension of their love, values and charisma and for that and so much more we Thank you!

To all the wonderful mums here and beyond: Happy Mother's Day

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