Happy Healthy Summer Holidays

So it's holiday season and that healthy regime you got into for spring and to prep for the holiday is out the window right?

I know from personal experience that keeping up that exercise routine, yoga practice or daily meditation can be a serious challenge when friends and family are pouring the rose wine when you would normally be rolling out your yoga mat, so here are a few tips to help keep the 'holistic' in your holiday.

1. Start from day 1- if you get there and tell yourself you'll start tomorrow, it just won't happen. As soon as you arrive on holiday let everyone know you're going to be doing something health everyday, and invite them to join you. If you set it as an intention from the get go it's much easier to keep it up. 2. Exercising on holiday can be so much fun! I know holidays are for relaxing and I'm all for that too, but going for a run or trying a new activity can be an amazing part of the holiday experience. You could try something new or use it as a way to explore a new place! Last year I went on a sailing holiday around Croatia and we decided to go for a run every time we got into a harbour. It was brilliant! We got to explore each new destination along our journey that we simply would never have got to see if we hadn't run it! 3. Make it a family or friend affair. Get everyone involved and make it fun, it doesn't at have to be as regimented as at home.

Here is a little family yoga session this year..

4 . Exercise is great for busting jet lag. So if you're travelled far afield get sweating & stretching, and preferably outdoors, to get back on track in your new environment. 5 . Great for keeping balance during that holiday over indulging... So you can just relax and enjoy everything guilt free!

Happy Healthy Holidays!

Natasha x

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