Back to school, the new New Year!

Welcome back.. It's a new shool year and you mum's out there will know the feeling well.

The backpacks are all packed and schools have already started for some of us, or is about to get started for some of you. The excitement and anxiety our kids feel is contagious... They have so much to look forward to as it is basically a "New New Year" (but without the celebration we normally have for New Year's Eve!)

As mums, we often use this term in conversations and it is always understood as the starting point even if only in academic year, so things like "New Year's resolutions" also take place.

I can hear the words now, 'Now that the kids are back at school I will start the gym' Or 'I will start a diet' or 'I will look for a job' and so on and on... Basically anticipating what in a few months ahead we will redefine and reconsider as our New Year's resolution!!!

The point is that we often make these resolutions on a personal level, but rarely do we take the time and opportunity to sit with our kids to reflect upon the learnings from the previous academic year and set their intentions for the new one commencing. It's not so much about getting better marks, but perhaps more on how to better distribute their free time, what do they need more of? And less of? Having the courage to accept new challenges, perhaps joining a new team/squad this year.

Or, thinking of a bigger goal: What can they do that can help or have a positive impact in their school/community/family?

Let's try something new this year and see, perhaps, if with clearer intentions different goals can be achieved, resulting not only in a more successful year, but most likely a very fulfilling one too!

Happy New New Year's!!!! ;-)

Keep shining and spreading kindness around the world!!!!

With love,

Karla, mum of three adorable kids xx