Be Thankful!

A life, a day or an instant to be thankful for...

Today we put into practice the art of being thankful and grateful for everything that we have, have had and possibly will have as we journey through life. We will gather up and share a meal with our loved ones, and offer our acknowledgment and gratitude to the many blessings that surround us... Our health, our loved one's health, for having a home, a family that loves us and support us unconditionally no mater what, for having incredible friends, neighbours, mentors, helpers, a descent job that brings food and other wonderful amenities in any shape or form, you name them all!

We are grateful for the experiences and circumstances that we have gone through no matter how challenging they have been as they have helped us grow and be the person we are and be wherever we are right now.

Most importantly we value and honour our bodies and souls, as we simply couldn't be without the other.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to visit Bali, and we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the beautiful offerings that where placed everywhere we went, in the streets and gardens, at all times all day long. We think it is all this gratitude that makes of Bali such a blissful island. It made us so aware of the importance of being thankful on a daily basis.

So don't just be thankful today, be grateful everyday!!!

Find a few things that you are grateful for and fill a thankfulness jar with each one of them! Write them down and place them inside the jar... Soon you will physically see what your soul already feels and knows, the many wonderful blessings that surround you!

In these times of uncertainty and mistrust we invite you to try to find ways to reconnect not only yourself, but with those around you too, with the ultimate gift that has been given to us: love!

With Love comes compassion, with compassion comes understanding, with understanding comes forgiveness, with forgiveness comes learnings, with learning comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes gratitude!!! See how it works?!?

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

With love & a whole lot of gratitude,

Karla xx

#gratitude #thanksgiving #love #minfdullness #positive

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