The New Years Shake Up

Hello 2016! So it’s another year and with that comes new opportunity.

I love the idea of setting New Years Resolution, and they can be useful, but this year why not choose to shake things up a bit?

Why not look at this new beginning as a chance to up-shift and channel yourself in a new way?

Come January 1st most people set out to be healthier, happier and to get fit. However I have another idea for you…what if you were to simply focus your attention on just one thing that you wish to do differently in a much bigger sense.

Picture yourself in 1 years time, bringing 2016 to a close and saying hello to 2017, what do you want to say that you have achieved this past year? Would having lost those 2kg bring you happiness, or do you need something more? Something bigger, that will affect your whole world?

The amazing thing is that when we look deeper into ourselves, when we start to align with what we truly need and want in life and what our priorities are, then often the other ‘stuff’ just falls into place. What would happen for example if you set out this year to simply relax more? To try and remove stress from your life? To practice things that help calm your nervous system? And to try a new stress free approach to life? Then how would you feel? And even beyond that, what would you have been able to accomplish as a result? Chances are those 2kg would be long gone with those stressful ways, and even more so you’ll have plenty more that has up shifted too.

I am a strong believer in life that sometimes we need to step back and look at the big picture. Life is a ‘whole’, not lots of little parts, so we can’t separate it all out. When we start to find balance and harmony in all aspects, then they fall into place, and THEN we start to attract more positive, it just happens, with much less effort and stain, because the energy and balance is as it should be.

I offer this shake up idea from my own personal experience. I spent years waking up on 1st January and promising myself I would lose weight, get fit or however else I wanted to word it, only to be disappointed year on year come December 31st. Then something changed. I stopped setting these specific goals and instead I made big life promises to myself. One year I decided to spend the entire year with the intention of being happy, another year it was to find balance, another year it was to just have more fun. With each one it was about finding that in all parts of life and in everything that I did and no loner about separating it all out.

This last year I chose the intention of finding space in life. I wanted to have space around everything that I did in order to see it and approach it differently. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever done because it affected every aspect of my life. It meant I couldn’t over commit myself, which inevitably meant I was less stressed, I had more time to spend with family and friends, I have the time to spend on my own health and wellbeing giving me more energy (and consequently achieving those old goals I has been longing for), and I found that everything I did, whether it be work or personal, I was able to do with 100% attention, focus, commitment and LOVE! What a joy!!

So instead of setting yourself focused and specific goals this year, why not go for the whole shake up?!! Find something that will up shift you, pick you up and catapult you into being your best self this 2016 in every way imaginable!

Natasha x

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