INSPIRE US with Kristina Carman



Co-Founder of Tiny Fish

We caught up with the lovely Kristina from Tiny Fish and heard all about how she juggles her morning routine with her boys, yoga and work as well as why she loves travel and feels it's such an important gift...

Talk us through your morning routine?

Wake around 6:30 lemon water and stretch get dressed. Boys up around 7- dress them make lunches, breakfast and out the door for school run by 8 (madness). Arrive home around 8:45 and I do my yoga practice- some days it’s a class I go to (if I’m in London) or my own home practice routine. If I’m on an office day, I’ll sit down at my desk by 10.

Breakfast favourites?

Breakfast faves: Avocado on gluten free toast with turmeric and black pepper (sometimes a poached egg) Chia porridge, gluten free pancakes, with fruit and nuts. And always a green smoothie and my warm lemon water.

Smoothie or juice of choice?

If I’m in a rush I always have a Plenish cold pressed juice in my fridge that I can grab. Alternatively, I make some kind of green smoothie, mixing it up with greens, chia seeds, avocado, berries, spirulina, chlorella….some variety of this every day.

Your favourite place to meditate?

Mediation is such an amazing and personal gift. I’ve been mediating for a very long time, so the place is of less importance as long as I’m meditating. I do however, love my dressing room- I sit on the floor with the door closed and just breath, it’s a quite and small space and my kids usually don’t come looking for me there (usually). I also drive to and from London weekly- its about 45-1hr drive from where we live and often the radio or music gets turned off and I just breathe. This is such a great tool for me to get me in the headspace if I’ve got meetings and people I’m seeing in the city.

​Where is the most magical place you have practiced yoga?

Bali…….I love love love everything about Bali. It’s crazy its busy but it’s magical and feels very spiritual and energetic.

Your dream holiday destination?

Would love a trip to the Secheyelles or Costa Rica